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Tripper Wood
December 11, 2019

ou’ve probably heard of the success stories of a “lucky” person that quit their job after they created a “killer app” and made millions of dollars. Now they’re living the “American Dream” lifestyle.  

You know these stories well. It’s the story you tell over coffee with your fellow employees in the break room, or that casual ‘ice breaker' convo to that cute intern at your company, you know the one that begins with “Hey, did you hear about that guy that recently became a millionaire over a weekend?…”.

The last two years twitch has appeared from nowhere to become a household name

If you think it sounds too good to be true…IT IS NOT! This can be your reality!

Allow me for a moment to indulge you, tickle your imagination, and take you on a flight of fancy with me to an alternate reality. A reality where you a millionaire because of the millions made from the downloads of your app.

You live in your dream home, you drive your dream car and live a life you’ve always dreamed about! When you wake up, there is no job to hurry off to. And private jet travel is well within your grasp.  

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

However you design your dream life, the truth is, it’s totally doable! And it’s not just doable, but I dare say, it is your obligation to make it happen.

Isn’t it time to stop being a cog in another man’s dream?

You’ve got the idea…you’ve got the drive…you’ve got everything it takes!

Polydelic can make your “Dream app” a reality. We have a streamlined process to develop a statement of work that meshes with your vision. Our experienced team will code a high-quality application for mobile devices.  

All you will have to do is advertise it to get downloads. It’s that easy!

Don’t believe it could happen to you?  Okay then, read this success story.

Flappy bird intro

Flappy Bird

In April 2013, Dong Nguyen created one of the most talked-about, viral games; Flappy Bird. Taking a holiday weekend from his day job, which was the programming of location devices for taxis in Hanoi, Vietnam; Nguyen created a highly addictive game.  

His goal was to make a game the felt like an old Nintendo game, yet was still challenging and adaptive to mobile devices.  In short, he was highly successful, 8 months later.  

In 2013, there were about 25,000 new apps a day.  Flappy Bird was lost in the crowd.  But then something amazing happened, an influencer looking for content found Flappy Bird.  The game went viral!  

The game went live on the iOS App Store on May 24th 2013. Instead of charging for Flappy Bird, Nguyen made it available for free, and hoped to get a few hundred dollars a month from in-game ads.

By February 2014, Flappy Bird was topping the charts in more than 100 countries and had been downloaded more than 50 million times. Dong was earning an estimated $50,000 a day. Not even Mark Zuckerberg earned money that quick in his career!

Yet as Flappymania peaked, Nguyen remained a mystery. Aside from the occasional tweet, he had little to say about his incredible story. He ducked the press and refused to be photographed. He was called a fraud, a con man and a thief. Bloggers accused him of stealing art from Nintendo. The popular gaming site Kotaku wrote in a widely clicked headline, FLAPPY BIRD IS MAKING $50,000 A DAY OFF RIPPED ART.

On February 9th, at 2:02 a.m. Hanoi time, a message appeared on Nguyen’s Twitter account. “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users,” it read. “22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.” The message was retweeted more than 145,000 times by the disbelieving masses. How could someone who hit the online jackpot suddenly pull the plug? But when the clock struck midnight the next evening, the story came to an end. Nguyen, as promised, took Flappy Bird offline. In his wake, he left millions of jilted gamers, and one big question: Who was this dude, and WTF had he done?

Still reading?  Well, here’s another story. was online greatness.

Three months ago, Steven Howse struggled to pay rent. Now, Howse, a  32-year-old developer is trying to keep his hit videogame running smoothly, while it generates more than $100,000 in revenue…daily. You read that correctly, DAILY!

In “,” snakelike creatures compete to gobble up food. The free multiplayer game leapt into the top 10 most-downloaded apps alongside stalwarts such as Facebook and YouTube soon after launching March 25 on iOS and Android, fueled by word-of-mouth from social gamers.

“” has been downloaded more than 68 million times across mobile devices and averages 67 million daily players on web browsers, Mr. Howse said.

There are more than 3.6 million mobile apps, including about 950,000 games, in app stores world-wide, according to industry tracker SuperData Research Inc. The emergence of “” shows how game apps can become suddenly popular and lucrative even in a competitive landscape—and how difficult it can be for a small startup to manage explosive success.

Seriously?! You want another success story? Okay, here you go, and this one is a ‘BIG ONE’!

Everyone knows Candy crush


Candy Crush Saga is the most popular mobile game in the U.S. after a dramatic comeback in the third quarter. As the mobile game crossed its fifth anniversary this week, its tally has crossed 2.73 billion sugary downloads.

In the third quarter that ended September 30, the match-3 game generated more than $250 million in revenue, up 97 percent from the same period a year ago, according to measurement firm Sensor Tower. More than 1 trillion game rounds have been played in the game since its launch, and 350 trillion candies have been swiped to date. At this rate, the $5.9 billion that Activision Blizzard paid to acquire King in 2015 looks like a deal.

Candy Crush Saga is considered one of the first and most successful uses of a freemium model; while the game can be played completely through without spending money, players can buy special actions to help clear more difficult boards, from which King makes its revenues—at its peak the company was reportedly earning almost $1 million per day.  Around 2014, over 93 million people were playing Candy Crush Saga, while revenue over a three-month period as reported by King was over $493 million.  Five years after its release on mobile, the Candy Crush Saga series has received over 2.7 billion downloads, and the game has been one of the highest-grossing and most-played mobile apps in that time frame. King has since released three related titles, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga, and most of the company's other mobile titles follow the same Saga freemium format.

The big question is, what is stopping you from living your dreams?

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