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Prateek Sanjay
November 9, 2020

any founders and heads of departments in enterprises face an annoying circular problem for bringing their best ideas to light.

They don’t get funding for their innovations because they have not gained customers yet.

But they don’t get customers because they don’t have the funding to bring a finished product.

In order to help pioneers with inspiring visions solve this conundrum, we created Polydelic - Plug and Play. We do everything they need - branding, design, application development,  back-end platform development, user interface and experience, and search engine optimization. 

All the dirty, hands on work needed to make a successful customer facing product. So that you the founder can focus on big ideas, ground-breaking technologies, and solving pressing customer problems.

Your time as a founder is limited, and you need to focus on what matters most.

Why are so many great ideas ignored by investors

The traditional model of startups and investing focuses too much on having go-to-market ready components in place. These include

  • Key partners
  • Customer relationships
  • Customer segments
  • Value propositions
  • Revenue streams

But many R&D heavy and prototype-stage tech startups do not fit this narrow mold.

And if you are a computer scientist or a developer of patented new industrial processes, these are not your core expertise (nor should be!)

Your time is consumed by meeting other requirements such as 

  • Industry needs
  • Intellectual property
  • Managing technological complexity
  • Product differentiation

For someone who is an expert in R&D and innovation heavy ideas, applying for startup funding or grant financing feels like putting a square peg in a circular hole.

It is not a fulfilling process and makes great minds feel like they are putting their energies in the wrong place.

How do we solve it

We work on a collaborative, co-creation model where we get you with the ingredients to be customer-facing as soon as possible. Our designer creates the perfect mock-ups of what the customer facing application will look like on the web and on iOS or Android phones. Our SEO expert will get inbound attention for your project via a sexy website and blog. Our lead application and platform developer will make sure there is a perfect interface between the stakeholders who interact with your solution and how their data is handled.

Getting a functioning web and mobile application and platform can win sales and investors.

And you, the genius behind the product, continue keeping focus on the core underlying technology and solving key customer pain points.

You don’t have to worry about the circular problem of funding and customers because we can provide an early customer facing solution that you can use to reach the market before the complete underlying technology is finished.

And you can use our early prototype application to apply for funding and justify a user base - so you don’t have to worry about how much funding you need to get to the market. In fact, a proper demonstrable product with a good UX/UI goes faster than any pitch deck or white paper!

A good demonstrable app is way better than a pitch deck or whitepaper.

Example use case - a sensor based application for physiotherapy

A group of physiotherapy experts and sensor developers get together to develop a solution to monitor a person’s exercise habits and recover from lower back pain.

But no one wants to fund it because they only have a prototype for sensor analytics from back pain. There is only an early demonstration but no product. Hence venture capitalists and seed investors ignore it.

Yet it would be madness to ignore such a solution - many people over 35 have recurring lower back pains and find it impossible to juggle their recovery with everyday routines.

We build them the first customer facing application and even get a mock version out in app stores to be tested on an early user base. And we generated the early word of mouth interest through our SEO. We even get them a sexy website for signups and explaining the benefits of lower back physiotherapy.

Now we have a prototype with traction, users, a differentiated product offering. We can even use the mock up app to use training centers as go to market partners. This company can get funded with this customer use case story and the funding can go to the core development needs. And we get compensated for helping you get to funding and market, a win-win system.

Are you a founder or an intrapreneur with great ideas and wondering how to overcome the initial obstacles to taking them to market? We want to talk because we are very much interested in helping the best ideas win. 

You focus on the big vision. We shape the packaging around it.

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