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Oliver Dixon
June 15, 2021

t Polydelic, we pride ourselves on writing high-quality applications and delivering them a record speed.

Polydelic Stats
Don't skip on quality

At Polydelic, our focus is on developing, maintaining, and delivering high-quality platforms.

Many of our clients are folks who got burned by consultancies in the past. Consultancies that took months to deliver low-quality products with hardly any features, many bugs, and slow advancement times.

In 2021, Polydelic's average time to market from initial contact with the client to a product on the market (App Store, Play Store, Web, APIs) is eleven weeks and two days.

Polydelic modules
Rocket modules

Much of modern application development revolves around features common across the ecosystems with some unique selling points.

Many of our applications are created using our Polydelic Modules.

Imagine that modules are lego bricks for our applications. For example, if you want instant messaging, we have a module already built for that across platforms and servers, it only takes us a few hours to implement instead of weeks/months that other agencies would take.

You will save time and money, and the product delivered to you will have higher reliability, security & a better usability/design. This is because millions of users use these modules.

Designer Try-outs
Designer try-outs

Before touching any code, we think it's essential to nail designs. Depending on your needs, we like to hire 3-5 designers to create initial 2-5 screens. The screens will allow you to make choices about the app's mood, the root design, and branding. We call this the 'designer try-outs'.

We use a modern design collaboration tool called Figma. Figma allows us to share a link to you no matter what platform you're on. With the link, you can comment and even make adjustments in real-time as you see fit.

All our designers are all UX experts. What is a UX, you ask? Generally, UX designers conduct user research, design, write user experience journeys, validate/test with users, and sell/present the design solution to the business. It's the UX designer's role to be the user's voice and advocate for the users' needs while balancing the business goals.
They make sure that the whole process of using your technology outside the tech is a smooth and easy transition.

Cloud Experts
Cloud servers

We've been using Cloud technologies to develop, test, and support our applications for years.

Today, unless it's for legal reasons, there isn't any reason to host and maintain servers. We've spoken with clients who already have CTOs in their companies who argued against this. These are the same folks who are paying thousands of dollars per day for ops staff who deliver a sub-par costly solution. For example, instead of hosting your database, you can use Firestore, which has a 99.999% multi-regional SLA and is integrated into other Google Cloud features such as authentication or dynamic messaging. Millions of users use these features without knowing. Always go with the best solution.

Not only are these solutions cost-effective, but they are incredibly secure, reliable, and performant. Your custom servers will never be on par with them, and they will expensive to maintain; just put it on the cloud!

Go green with Polydelic
Going green with servers

Polydelic uses Cloud Services, that are 100% renewable. Any connections between devices are off-set with counter carbon actions such as planting new trees.

If you'd like a free quote simple contact us. Below you can find some of our case studies.

Case Studies

PowGo - Gym app

Court - Dating gym

Righter - Political dating

Contact us here.

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