Don’t miss the train. Why your business needs a mobile app

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Oliver Dixon
January 18, 2020

e are living in an era where-by a significant part of the population doesn't use a standard desktop operating system day-to-day, think Windows or macOS. Mobile device usage notably holds merit in developing nations, with penetration rates for mobile subs hitting 98.9 percent in 2018.

Many businesses already own mobile apps; if you don't utilize them for your services, you are lagging behind the competition. Just having the perfect website marketing strategy might not be enough; you're losing out to two massive channels: Google Play & the App Store.

Both apps stores can be a great place to find new customers & improve the user experience of your business services. It also affects your website search ranking; google will look at how a website's mobile app is being reviewed and the content it offers.

Already many people don't use desktop OS's at all; some preferring iPad's with a keyboard. These systems have a locked-in ecosystem with an app store at the center. In many countries that are developing, a large percentage of the population doesn't even have a desktop/laptop. It's all mobile. The world has shifted from desktops to smartphones and is offering a tremendous return on investment.

Great apps can really excel your business
Building apps around your business to improve staff and customers experiences

Customers don't have to wait

Opening up your favorite browser, writing in the link, then waiting for the site to load (that doesn't work offline) is a little mundane. And compared to the other experiences they are having on the device, it will give them a negative outlook on your business.

For example, the Facebook messenger doesn't have a Mac app yet, while Skype, Slack, WhatsApp have had them for years. Having to open the browser every time I get a message is just embarrassing; it gives me a negative impression of them.

People love instant gratification; mobile apps provide a faster and more comfortable alternative to web browsing. Mobile apps are quick and take only a few seconds to launch. It is also possible to use the app offline.

Are you wasting customers' time with your website?

Promoting value to the customer via the app.

It's easier to deliver bespoke offers to the user. For example, a geolocation action; say someone walks near your shop, you could automatically send out a push notification telling them about some new sale or special offer that's only a few meters away? Who could resist that!

Customer support in mobile apps

Many modern apps today, such as Revolut, N26, and many more, have instant support channels inside their apps. A lot of businesses are using Facebook messenger instant chat for this as well. Immediate customer support is a great way to help out your customers & up-sale if required.

I'll give you a personal scenario for me. One time in Berlin, Germany, at the airport, I used an atm that didn't print out any cash. Luckily I used a new banking service like Revolut. All's I had to do was open the app and click the 'chat to customer service button'. Within seconds I was able to explain my situation to a real person. They looked up the said machine, said they saw the issue and reversed the charge on my account right away. A traditional bank would have taken weeks/months to do this! This whole experience took at the most a few minutes of my time. It was a refreshing and positive experience that only wanted me to stick to Revolut even more.

There's nothing worse than hunting customer support links, FAQs, bots, and endless deadends. Just give me a human to talk too already!

The devices features

Once the app has downloaded, you have access to many of the phone's features. Such as QR reading, Geo-location, NFC, Automatic payments (always a good thing), accelerometer, gyro meter and compass, face id, and many more features. They are utilized for thousands of different purposes. 

Geolocation at the top of Everest
Using the devices geo-location, you can offer you local services when they are nearby — just one example of utilizing the device's features.

It's not just mobile apps, desktop apps too

Today you can use tools like Electron or Flutter to write once and deploy anywhere. With native desktop app's you give users that quick access and tab switching making access to your business services even more accessible than a website.

With the App Store on the Mac, you can also push out automatic updates, receive reviews, get featured, and ranked on the App Store for the desktop expirience, generating new customers.

Increased SEO potential

Today Google takes into account your mobile app content, ratings, and downloads when determining a search ranking for your business. If you don't have a mobile app, you will not be ranked as highly as your competitors.

Also, as mentioned above, your desktop/mobile apps are search indexable on Google and the App Store. Having these additional sources to index will also compliment your website search rankings.

Brand visibility is important

You don't want to look cheap now? In today's competitive world, mobile apps are the best tools to enhance the visibility of your brand and the perceived domain/reach of your business. It works like a billboard sign. If you have a mobile app with great looks and features, nothing can stop it from increasing your brand awareness and the perceived quality of your business. 

Although if the mobile app is poorly done (such as a web-app, or a native app), it can be a negative experience for the user, why you must hire good developers; we have another article on that. How to hire a good developer

Do you even exist?
Without an app, your website might not even be visible. Apps affect Google search rankings paid & natural

Some reasons why you should invest in a mobile app

In today's competitive world, individuals are utilizing mobile/desktop apps to keep in contact with their preferred brands. Regardless of whether it is mobile/tablet/desktop, versatile applications meet their demands or needs. Whatever your business does, mobile apps help get new clients while holding onto the old clients. Being accessible online/offline nonstop will be a significant lift for your business.

The world has gone mobile, develop, and don't look back. Consumers use mobile's for local search, and your online marketing efforts are seen via different mobile channels (You can market in the App Store and Google Play now, from last year - 2019). Just having a website is not enough to sustain in today's competitive business world. Mobile apps thrive as browsing alternatives, and you can gain a lot by investing in mobile apps.

Mobile apps are very convenient for customers. You should invest in a mobile app if you want to enhance the level of professionalism in your business.

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