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Awake is a digital freedom platform

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Mobile & Web
Awake Media AS
March 2021
Awake is a large digital freedom platform

Awake was designed, developer and released by Polydelic AS. The main focus is data ownership.


  • A Reddit style content discovery dashboard with trending, new, and popular sites/pages.
  • A full blown CMS designed and developed by Polydelic that allows users to publish their own sites and pages.
  • A machine learning module created by Polydelic that automatically does analysis on content and collects data points.
  • SMS login with security measures
  • A Data transparency dashboard that allows companies to connect and share data with our platform.
  • Developed to the SEO friendly using NextJS
  • Super admin controls that allow the owners full control over the site.
  • Much more

If you would like to build a platform, please contact us.

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