Court - A Flutter game

About Project

Court is a geolocation game app. Court was created in Flutter and deployed via GCP to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Live Project
iOS & Android
Court LLC
February 2020

Our Task

We were tasked to build a dating app that matched local people via custom games setup by users. The app had to support at least 30 million users and look n' feel better than any of the competition. Read about how Polydelic delivered Court using Flutter and why.

Don't skip on designs

We've found that many app development houses skip hiring user experience experts and designers.
We believe that you should have some epic designs before starting development. Without great designs the app can look 'cheap' and behave in ways the user doesn't expect.

Focus on the right features

We implement advanced analytics for every app that we release. Our analytics give you detailed reports on how users interact with your app, retention, revenue. For all platforms.

We know that apps are 99.99% crash & bug free from day 1.


Choosing the right technology
It's not hybrid, it's not native, it's a container. Secure and reliable.

Flutter is a modern development framework from Google. Write once deploy everywhere.

Flutter being a container is more reliable then native
Flutter: More reliable than native, don't worry about platform updates

Flutter apps are in a container, they are not hybrid. They can do anything native can.
This gives you higher reliability than even the native implementations on each platform.
You have much higher reliably than hybrid or web solutions such as React native or Cordova.

High quality mark

Performance and quality are key, expect the best

Flutter provides us with many UI components (known as Widgets) out of the box created by Google.
They are created with an extremely high quality mark.

Development Speed

We are never late with delivering apps. Our time quotes are accurate.

We found with Flutter apps we could deliver them 3x-5x faster while maintaining higher quality and maintainability than React-Native with a lot less bugs during development time.
If we quote you a final delivery date, we can guarantee it on every platform.

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