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Brain Training for Better Sleep

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iOS & Android
Drowzee AS
March 2021
Drowzee - Read your brain, real time - Live video backgrounds via a CMS

Neurofeedback has been used by researchers to modulate the brain activity of insomnia sufferers and train them to gain better sleep.
With the Pendulum App, Drowzee AS brings Neurofeedback outside research labs to make it available in the comfort of your own home.
Drowzee, develop solutions to help you stay highly activated during daytime and learn how to ‘shut off’ when you need it the most.

The Pendulum app has many content blocks all with their own unique themes, sounds and background videos to set the vibe.

Each content setting has different challenges for the user to obtain.

Below is a live session reading brainwaves real-time from the user using a choice of EEG headsets.

With their brain wave analysis app that uses EEG headsets to let users earn rewards.

You can select a type of content you like and start a session. The session has a live video in the background, a soundtrack, and reward noises.

The session shows real-time graphs of your brainwaves from two different hardware devices. (see video)

You can log in to save all your sessions.

How we tackled this problem?

  • We deployed this on all platforms with one code base using Flutter, saving the client lots of time and money.
  • We used a headless CMS to save money; instead of making a CMS, we used a pre-baked one that could be configured to their needs; this cost around 80-90% less money; and is a much better user experience.
  • Used flutter to pre-load video content giving a smooth transition between screens with background videos and sounds.
  • We use Google Cloud with App Engine to apply autoscaling and Firestore database, which is a globally available real-time database, with a 99.999% Multregional SLA.
  • We used Figma as a collaborative design process before touching a single line of frontend code.
  • We used a few of our Polydelic Flutter/Server modules to save the client vast amounts of time and money. Instead of being three months, the project was five weeks because of this.
  • The result was a rather satisfying app that was a significant upgrade on their previous app.

If you would like to learn more about our process; please contact us.

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