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With RQST MUSIC you can request your favorite songs at bars & nightclubs! Join with a pin code, request your songs and give it votes to make sure it gets played.

Live Project
iOS & Android
Rquestify AS
September 2020
Venues & DJs receive live song requests

RQST Music is a social music platform that finally gives you a dedicated way to request & listen to music together with friends and followers. Collaborate with your friends on jukebox-style playlists that allow each of you to connect to the music playing in social environments and request your favorite songs. Whether you’re at the gym together, on a trip, or partying, you can finally listen to music socially.

RQST Music empowers music lovers to listen to and request their favorite music everywhere they go. Let’s stop leaving that decision up to people who don’t know us or our awesome music taste. Grab your friends and join the RQST Music movement.

* Join a RQST Playlist with a pin code

* Request your favorite tracks

* Vote on songs to be played.

How polydelic helped

  • Deployed on an auto-scalable solution from day one to save money and expand with ease.
  • Added advanced analytics for the creators to follow and aid venues in utilizing the app to its maximum potential.
  • Used machine learning to filter risky users and hackers.
  • Enabled purchase inside the app 1 tap, no need to manually enter credit numbers etc.

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