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RQSTIVAL is a live streaming app

Live Project
Mobile & Web
Requestify AS
August 2020
RQSTIVAL is a live streaming app that can support millions of viewers


RQSTIVAL from Requestify AS is a live streaming platform for artists, music venues & festivals. The platform supports millions of viewers watching live streams from studios/device cameras/desktops or any media source.

RQSTIVAL allows artists, labels, and event organizers to sell digital tickets, merchandise and receive donations from viewers on their streams.

Tech notes

  • Video/Photo AI content analysis so that users can't upload dodgy videos & photos.
  • ElasticSearch: An advanced search tool that allows you to search anything on the platform.
  • Firestore: A Cloud database that's managed by Google. It has a 99.999% multi-region uptime guarantee and allows us to be secure and scalable.
  • Cloud Testing suite: We can test our app at the Google warehouse on 1000's of different Android devices. Also great for stress testing.
  • Flutter: A modern way to make iOS and Android apps. We have modules build with Flutter that have millions of usages. We created a native module for the streaming capabilties.

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