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Ultify AS
June 2021

Ultify is a new on-demand video and live streaming content deliverly platform developed by Polydelic for businesses. It has a large set of features such as setting content to roles, offering paid private content, streaming to millions of users via the web platform and, much more.

You can checkout a marketing video below (or you can view it on the platform)

How did Polydelic help?

The founding members of Ultify approached us with an idea for a platform. We used our history of delivering platforms to the market to help them identify important features and estimate how long it would take to develop those features.

Once we had a solid set of features, we went through our collaborative design and user experience process. Using tools like Figma, we nailed a great design before starting any development.

Before starting development, we analyzed the design and the market to make the highest-quality, most cost-effective solution that works at scale.

Here are some of the ways we enhanced the platform

  • Implemented machine learning on our video processing networks to identify and block pornography and violence automatically.
  • Implemented Kubernetes to deliver Streaming and video that can support millions of users at the same time.
  • Super admin panels control the content and users on the platform.
  • Auto banning and flagging features from stopping malicious users.
  • Live Streaming that supports external tools and TV studios.
  • A video processing tool can take GBs of videos a second from users and compress and deliver them to Ultify's site. 
  • One-click login with providers to make user signup frictionless

You can check the platform out here, Ultify.no

If you would like App or Web dev, please contact us.

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