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Zest, a fresh way to connect

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Court LLC
February 2021
Zest, a fresh way to connect

Business Problem

Dating apps exist far and wide, but they share one common problem; you got no idea who you're going on a date with!

Our client wanted a dating app where-by users could match based on their personalities, likes, and opinions.

Our Offer

We'll build the app in five weeks at high-quality with all the features needed to be market-ready. We'll offer a hefty discount for a 3% stake since we love the concept.

The Result

We delivered a great looking app that scales automatically. It can compare millions of users with 100s of questions across a geolocation field.

Users get asked 4-7 questions per day, so we steadily learn about them. The more answers they submit, the higher-quality matches.

The app also has instant messaging, Facebook login with automatic user profile photos, video user profiles, gif-maker, push notifications, and much more. The app is GDPR friendly; the user's data is secure and can be deleted anytime with a few taps. The APIs also use machine learning to detect dodgy content and potential security problems.

Our Process

We decided to hire five designers for a 'try-out' to make a few screens each and then pick the best style that our clients loved.

Our designer try-outs is a successful approach to design

We used a custom ElasticSearch implementation for matching technology. This allows us to scale to millions of users while still giving a rapid response time, allowing users to see matches in milliseconds, even if millions of potential partners are around them.

We used a few different technology stacks to deliver and serve the platform; to test, we created 1 million fake user profiles with random questions/answers profile data. We then hired 30 temp QA engineers to try and break the app and get feedback.

This resulted in a bulletproof app that can confidently scale from day one with a 99.999% SLA.

The app was approved for both Apple and Google Play with no hiccups. Right now, it's about to go through some heavy marketing provided by us.

Thanks for reading. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about app/web and cloud development.

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