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Business first

Our in-house user experience professionals and product-market fit specialists analyze your business use case.

99.999% Uptime

Our platforms have more than 1 billion server requests per month. We know how to scale.

Always market ready

We never take on a project that we can't deliver. It's essential that you're on the market ASAP.

User experience and design
Beat the market

Discover the solution

Helping companies & individuals identify key solutions for their target markets. We boost their ability to create & deliver products.


Own Development

Leverage pre-built solutions, 100s reusable modules, and tested solutions.

Our business model saves clients time and money. Don't reinvent the wheel.

User experience and design
User experience and design

Any Size

We have experience delivering software to enterprises & startups. All our applications are enterprise-grade and cloud scalable from day 1.

Making great looking apps
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Words from our partners

Christoffer Riseng Bølla
“We have had 3 different development companies prior to Polydelic! Can 100% recommend Oliver and his team!🚀“
Tripper Wood
“Since launching, both versions of the app have climbed to the top of their respective markets. The Polydelic team was a valuable partner, delivering high-quality work and paying close attention to the small details in every task.”
Stephan Roche
“Polydelic is easy to work with, fast and understands your needs. If you want to make your own app Polydelic is definitly the company you need.“
Managing Director
MAAL Games
“Despite the challenging deadline, Polydelic completed the app two weeks early. They clearly understood the project intent and sought to improve upon it. The team’s enthusiasm and talent set them apart from other competitors and allowed them to deliver a thoroughly tested, high-quality product.”
“Oliver and his team are absolute professionals. They go above and beyond to not only bring your vision to life, but are also always brainstorming with you to take your idea to the next level. The process, support and product you receive at Polydelic are absolutely priceless.”
Luke Stent
“We approached Polydelic with a challenging app that used real time SMS along with other real-time components. They managed to deliver a great app within 3 weeks!”

Offices in Oslo, Norway
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